Friday, December 7, 2007

starting hacking and tweaking

hey if you want to become real streetfighter in security then i'll advice you to start with "Brute Force attacks" then go into web and peer-to-peer sites like torrent etc. to find sniffers, n/w monitoring and virus scripts & tools to start tweaking things around you ....hey but do not forget to backup ur system first and make restoration points.
while doing hacking and tweaking do not forget that if you fail......its time for you to stop, but its time to rise with a more deadly weapon..
well people its time to cheers...! because happily & luckily you can get many books on net for free.... so if you are ..a little bit studies kind of guy/girl ... just type in google without the quotes "security ebook :pdf" and hurray.... its there
so cya ppl .....i'll write abt new tools for hacking on my next blog


Technogal said...
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Technogal said...

It sounds cool ;) I wanted to be a hacker long time ago.. and I end up with nothing! shifting from one subject to another.. recently I've been reading through the CEH e-book and I find it interesting. in my first reading I concentrated more on sniffers and denial of service attack, but didn't try them yet!
by the way having 1000 out of 1000in CCNA exam is amazing score.